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let's assume  you'd like to change the world

but how to go ahead?

or with courage?

no need to be proud of being selfness
it is just natural, like a the movement of the air in the atmosphere
-isn't it weird that it can be forecast at all-
no cloud is the same with the other
and difference is the world's skin

once the skin senses the wind,

it will send signals through nerves
how to understand the meteorology of change
with what you have seen
or with what you will see?


change is a dream unhinged, out of control
which you desperately try not to forget
but you know you can't control

what you will remember once you are awake

your daydreams might be pretending to be your dreams,
they rain onto your dreams and reevaporate
what kind of a person are you we when you daydream
are you the person who is doing good
or are you the person to whom people help?

all the good deeds you have done
accumulate like pleasant memories
your memories will fade
when your feelings will
intersect with your efforts
your fear of time will go away
living in the moment means
changing the future.


by Efe Duyan for 

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